Monday, May 4, 2009

Something Old is Something New

What a treat I had this past weekend when I helped host a Bridal Tea for the fiancee of my nephew Shawn. We are a large family and I lost count a long time ago of the countless showers, both bridal and baby that we have held for sisters, daughters, and nieces and I knew from the start I wanted to do something new and fun.

I suggested that we have a tea party and of course we girls dove head first into the world of china teacups, Irish linens, little nibbles and hats! Oh the hats. The thought of wearing one scared some of us and delighted others. Many of us spent weeks shopping; online, around town and out. Hats became the focus and everyone wanted just the right one.

I had so much fun gathering tea cups and linens from various sources it almost got out of hand. I bought some online and at the Pick of the Litter store in Barnwell but the bell of the ball was the beautiful Old Staffordshire pot and cups that my sister-in-law Tricia Black brought for us to enjoy.

Old linens came out of trunks and others were quickly snapped up from flea markets and Ebay. They joined fresh flowers, potted herbs and 40 plus guests in a beautiful ceremony that many in our country have forgotten about... afternoon tea. And the hats! Oh those wonderful hats, it was a site to see as women young, young at heart and even teenagers came up the walk in hats of all sizes, shapes and colors. I can tell you know, it looked like the Kentucky Derby at my house that day!

Many of us "girls" and our daughters and granddaughters had such a wonderful time that we have decided to make this an ongoing treat. We are going to gather together throughout the year, teacups in hand to enjoy a cup of tea, a little bite of something and celebrate everything, nothing and whatever.