Monday, December 24, 2012


It has been three years since Brad died on Christmas Eve morning. I will never forget the look on Frank's face when he got the phone call. Even know I feel the tears welling in my eyes as I remember him saying he didn't know if he could tell me what was wrong. My first thought was of our children, never did I imagine that I was to soon learn the my baby brother, my best friend through childhood and onward into adulthood was gone.

It has been a long and hard road in dealing with Brad's death and the betrayal of lifelong friends and the hurtful things that people often do or say following a death. Thank God for my husband and children as without them I would never had made it.

I can look backwards now and remember good times and goods days like this one above. He was so in love with Dorie and treasured each moment with her. He was a good Unc to my children and a wonderful Unc Unc to her. I wish that Althea had been able to experience just one big bear hug!

I miss you Boo Boo and I always will, but I feel your spirit when ever I catch of Sweet Grass or see a bottle of Makers Mark.


I signed in today and discovered it had been wayyy to long since I last blogged. Where did the time go? To say that I have missed it does not begin to touch how I feel. I guess I got lost in the everyday life of a stay at home Granny.... speaky of Grannies I was talking to Althea about when I was a little girl and she said " Granny you not a gurl ( her way of saying it ) you're just a Granny!