Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Planting seeds

As I look out the back door I ponder whether the pumpkins are growing. A few weeks back, Dorie and her Papa took to the garden and spent a few hours tilling, planting and hoeing a couple rows of pumpkins and gourds.

Dorie got dirty, I heard it took 3 washings to get the dirt out of her shoes; Frank got sweaty and they both had the time of their lives. I joined in for a brief few moments to snap a couple of photos and quietly faded into the background.

I don't know if we'll have any pumpkins or gourds this fall, that really isn't important but we'll have some special memories of a wonderful day.

Broken Seashells

Looking at this photo it's easy to see that most if not all of the shells are chipped, scarred or broken; some are just pieces but together they bring beauty to an otherwise dull background. Much like the world around us, they are different types, colors, ages and size but they seem to belong there lying upon the sand together.

Sometimes we forget that all the shells, nor people we find can be perfect, they have flaws, some hidden, some in plain sight and some we choose to ignore be it right or wrong; should we treat them any different? Are they of less importance?

This week Becki was dealt another blow, the loss of her job. While this milestone is never easy, the action of it could have been handled better. She was tossed back to sea by someone or someones who could not see her beauty nor her importance... thankfully the sea welcomed her with open arms and will nurture her until she reaches the shore once again...

She will survive just as those beautiful, broken seashells have.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Teeth

Today, I found Althea's first tooth... I cannot convey the joy I felt sitting here at the computer as I felt that little hard tooth poking up through her gum. I felt a little guilt because I found it before her mom, but to tell the truth, not much... it brought back such memories of my own children and all that they accomplished; from their first teeth, crawling, starting school, graduations and moving away and it caused me to ponder all the "firsts" that Althea and Dorie have in front of them...