Monday, December 24, 2012


It has been three years since Brad died on Christmas Eve morning. I will never forget the look on Frank's face when he got the phone call. Even know I feel the tears welling in my eyes as I remember him saying he didn't know if he could tell me what was wrong. My first thought was of our children, never did I imagine that I was to soon learn the my baby brother, my best friend through childhood and onward into adulthood was gone.

It has been a long and hard road in dealing with Brad's death and the betrayal of lifelong friends and the hurtful things that people often do or say following a death. Thank God for my husband and children as without them I would never had made it.

I can look backwards now and remember good times and goods days like this one above. He was so in love with Dorie and treasured each moment with her. He was a good Unc to my children and a wonderful Unc Unc to her. I wish that Althea had been able to experience just one big bear hug!

I miss you Boo Boo and I always will, but I feel your spirit when ever I catch of Sweet Grass or see a bottle of Makers Mark.


I signed in today and discovered it had been wayyy to long since I last blogged. Where did the time go? To say that I have missed it does not begin to touch how I feel. I guess I got lost in the everyday life of a stay at home Granny.... speaky of Grannies I was talking to Althea about when I was a little girl and she said " Granny you not a gurl ( her way of saying it ) you're just a Granny!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes
Fresh herbs such as Basil and Oreagno
Sea Salt
Coarse ground Pepper
Olive oil
Cut up tomatoes into bite size pieces.
Cut or tear up herbs, add to tomatoes.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Drizzle with oil.
If desired a a few drops of Basalmic Vinegar.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Road Less Traveled: Alligator Point

It has been a mere two weeks since we packed up to leave Alligator Point, but it feels like a lifetime... when I began to look for a small, remote place to spend Summer vacation with my grandchildren I had no idea of the things to come.

Alligator Point sits out in the Gulf about and hour south of Tallahasse FL and an hour east of Apalachicola. I had never heard of it, but the beach looked great and the prices even better. Having spent my early childhood living on nearby St. Joe Beach I knew the area and looked forward to being in Florida far from the crowds of tourist and bright lights!

We fell in love with the little house on Fiesta Drive called Viola House and after the first two days we were all pros and climbing the stairs and waiting on the landing for someone to open up the door. Early mornings were spent out on the deck breathing in the fresh salt and air and being suprised at the Dolphins coming into the bay to play!

Mid week brought us a scare as our granddaughter, Dorie decided to see Tallahassee first by car and then via ambulance as we sought out emergency medical care for what turned out to be pnemonia. She was in better spirits than we adults, especially with her mommy and daddy not being with us. After a couple of days she was back to her old self except for a lingering cough which she still has.

The little private beach behind the house brought us hours of fun as we chased first Fiddler Crabs and then Ghost and Blues at night by flash light. Althea, the three year old could have spent the rest of vacation right there, but we finally pulled her away and spent a few days exploring nearby sights such as The World's Smallest Police Station in Carrabelle and Wakulla Springs in Wakulla. The water at the Springs was refreshing I was told, as Frank and I stayed on shore and watched the youngsters play as we ate icecream cones and toured the old inn and the grounds.

We spent half a day in Apalachicola doing some window shopping and picking up a few things, I could have spent a million had a won the lottery at the Tin Shed, a mangirie of nautical items both old and new! We had a fun photo fest with the pirate statues and both Becki and I grabbed a few items to add to our decor.

We didn't eat out but once while on vacation as we tried to stick to the theme of old school vacations without all the glitz and stress that so many suffer through in todays fast paced world. The wait to eat out on Saturday was worth it I might say. Having read about Spring Creek in Southern Living, I was looking forward to taking my family to a local place that served local food... Frank and Andy both ordered Quail, fried up and served with cheese grits they did look good but I ordered a seafood platter so I could try the fried Mullet and see if it was as good as I remembered in my 54 year old mind... it was!

Less than a week after our vacation ended, tropical storm Debby visited this area and many suffered the loss of homes and business and thousands ended up with damage. All the turtle nests weree destroyed by rising surf and even the road to the point was washed away. I pray that things soon return to normal for the area and look forward to taking another trip in the near future.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fresh Start

It has taken me several years pouring over catalogs, fabric samples and web sites but I finally found new living room furniture... my old stuff but with new covers. I just couldn't find anything I really liked it either didn't sit right, was too cheaply made or too costly for my pocketbook.

I looked at slipcovers, browsed a couple shops and finally found a gem of a place over at Park Avenue Fabrics in Augusta GA. From the moment I walked it I felt at home; the staff didn't know me but they seemed to want to. They were eager to please, didn't look down their nose or treat me as if I had no taste, money or social standing... they treated me like me!

I look forward to updating the process as my living room changes... for now we've added a leather recliner and got rid of the big green monster, had my arm chair recovered (I am so in love with it), added new windows and are waiting for the couch to be slip covered...



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chasing Dreams

It has been weeks since I've slept well; as of this minute I am running on 4 hours of sleep over the past 40 hours... I have tried the sound of rain, the news, exercise,and a boring book. I have finally given up and am listening to a wonder mix of rock,blues and country music that spans several decades and genres.

From Adele and Joe Cocker to The Band, John Anderson,Coldplay and Guns and Roses; the words rushing through my head and heart bring back memories of days long ago or stir in me feelings of longing for dreams lost, trips not taken and people long gone. They make me want to fly west to see Dawn, time travel back to high school, hug my daddy one more time and hold my babies now grownup...

As the first notes of More Than a Feeling come out of the phone I am drawn back into the arms of my young husband and the lazy days of youth spent laughing and traveling the country with friends and family from job to job. Frank, me and three kids in a Pumpkin orange Ford Fiesta on the way to Connecticut and a new life... Chasing dreams, looking for a future. Where did the time go?

The haunting voice of Zola Jesus weaves around me in the still and silent night of the house my parents built dreaming of joyous days of family gatherings and growing old together; another dream lost but found as I pass along their memories. Chasing dreams is hard work. I am weary but content to listen and remember and let The Band take me back to long, long ago.