Sunday, November 3, 2013

Passing of the Heart

As the holidays are just around the corner I have been reflecting on the past and the future of the holidays and just for a few short hours I enjoyed a good pity party because my plans of a wonderful family gathering with all my children was falling apart. But after a good cry and virtual hugs from my hubby I shook it off and went on with the planning and daydreaming.

A family tradition I started several years back among the women of my husband's family is The Passing of The Heart, I never knew when I purchased that simple silver plated ornament years ago that things would turn out the way they have.

The tradition was that each bearer of the gift must pass it on to a woman in the family every Christmas going from generation to generation, no strings attached just a note or small gift if you desired. It was suppose to be a way to bond us women together and allow us to tell each other favorite memories of each other.

Little did I know that fateful day 12 years ago that this little heart would loose its shine, not from the tarnish of age but by the actions of many. I realize that I placed too much on that heart and although it did its best at bonding us together and although it may have held the same rose colored dreams I did for the future, it just wasn't meant to be.