Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Girl Lost

This weekend while in Bluffton, SC I witnessed an adult(?) male beating a young girl between the ages of 4 and 6. In full daylight in front of the Kroger's while at least 2 dozen people of all ages, gender and races milled about and ignored what they saw.

While many stopped and stared,they did nothing... even after I walked towards him screaming, hey, hey, stop that, I said stop it!I got some strange looks, and was amazed that even after I dialed 911 and was asking several people what the name of the shopping center was no one, not one single person came to this child's aid much less mine.I walked within 10 feet of this man while he loaded first the toddler and then the baby he carried in his arms into the van.

As he walked around it, I did too as I was describing him as I did so and his car too. I wanted to be sure that if it happened I could identify him.I never became concerned for my own welfare and regret that I followed orders and did not attempt to block his exit with my car or approach the woman who later joined him; instead I walked and half ran following him through the parking lot until he pulled out of sight.

Alas the local police did not catch him but did put out a bulletin to detain him if they caught him (he had out of state tags).I wondered why in the world we (society) even bother to teach our children what to do when approached by a stranger when we can't even protect them from their own parents!!! (Sorry, need to vent here).

This incident left a great impact on me, and I have kicked my self over and over for not doing more... I thought I'd lay it on ya'll and see what you thought and what you'd do if faced with this situation... fire away.Camella

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cut off from the real world...

Wow we have become spoiled within the last 20 -30 years. I remember well when cable was unheard of, we shared a party line on the phone and the closest I'd ever come to a computer was watching 2001 A Space Oddessy!

This past month while at Becki's I had to endure (!) faulty internet connections, no cable/no live t.v. actually and spotty cell phone service. I thought I'd been bannished to the end of the free world and would have revolted and bolted except for the fringe benifits of holding and loving Althea Clare who turned 2 weeks old this past Weds.

Yep that little baby (almost 10 pounds of her) and her big blue eyes kept me spell bound and up at night so I had little time to worry about what was going on outside that tiny apartment in Bluffton... speaking of which the kids got moved today to a much bigger and brighter 2 bedroom with 2 baths, thank you!!!

I have missed blogging, but to tell the truth I've missed Patsy's Words of Wisdom even more; I look forward to catching up. BTW thanks sister for that wonderful poem you wrote Frank for his birthday. I love ya! And thanks for listening too.

later ya'll, Camella

Monday, January 12, 2009

Althea Clare

On January 7 2009. I stood in the hallway 50 feet from my daughter who was having a c-section with her first baby. At 12 noon they wheeled her in the o.r. and at 12:15 Althea Clare joined our family. What a beautiful sound her cries were as she let us all know that she had been born.

She is a beautiful baby, with a wonderful attitude and at a mere 5 minutes old she looked up into my eyes wide awake.

Mommy and baby are home now and I am hanging around to help out, to tell you the truth the only reason I'd want to leave is that Dorie is 2 hours away waiting for her Granny to come home... ah the miles I'm going to be putting on the car....