Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cut off from the real world...

Wow we have become spoiled within the last 20 -30 years. I remember well when cable was unheard of, we shared a party line on the phone and the closest I'd ever come to a computer was watching 2001 A Space Oddessy!

This past month while at Becki's I had to endure (!) faulty internet connections, no cable/no live t.v. actually and spotty cell phone service. I thought I'd been bannished to the end of the free world and would have revolted and bolted except for the fringe benifits of holding and loving Althea Clare who turned 2 weeks old this past Weds.

Yep that little baby (almost 10 pounds of her) and her big blue eyes kept me spell bound and up at night so I had little time to worry about what was going on outside that tiny apartment in Bluffton... speaking of which the kids got moved today to a much bigger and brighter 2 bedroom with 2 baths, thank you!!!

I have missed blogging, but to tell the truth I've missed Patsy's Words of Wisdom even more; I look forward to catching up. BTW thanks sister for that wonderful poem you wrote Frank for his birthday. I love ya! And thanks for listening too.

later ya'll, Camella

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