Friday, March 7, 2014

Rainy Day Ain't Got Me Down

Blogging!!! Again. Finally.

Started today off with rain, rain, and rain. Went to town, got wet and said to hell with it I ain't letting this get me down. Time I walked into the feed store I could feel the old me kicking in, bought dog feed, 2 books on raising goats and wished I still had them old cowboy boots, lol

Left there, came home and between the Bee Gees and Adele threw on a pot of homemade with fresh veggies and burger some of the best smelling soup ever. Moving on to Annie Lennox ( yep love this lady) I decided to blog again and man I miss it!

Spending this rainy day by self, cooking, listening to my style music waiting till later to roll and cut out homemade from scratch yeast doughnuts, what the heck could make this day any better? Painting class?

Oh yeah I am SO ready. Have missed it more than I knew, I am like a kid on Christmas morning. I promise myself I am gonna chase those blues away and focus on the sunshine, even if ain't shinning here its dang where shinning somewhere.

Speaking of sunshine, daughter Beth and her hubby are off the Daytona next week, then it'll be time for my reunion trip back to Gulf County Florida, can't wait to see old friends, new friends and some long lost cousins.