Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Vacation Part II Saint Simons Island

Warning! Saint Simons is addicting... if you've never been and you have a few days it is well worth a trip. Our granddaughters, Althea and Dorie fell in love with it at first sight and two months later are still talking about the lighthouse and the beach. I look forward to making a trip there every year to explore old favorites and discover new places of interest.

Dorie and Althea in front of the lighthouse.

A view from the second window of the lighthouse.
 I made it this far and stopped but Dorie, Althea, Frank and Becki made it to the top.
When they came down Dorie said her legs felt weird - I bet they did!

The light at Saint Simons.

The girls trying on sailor caps at the Coast Guard Museum.

 Althea under an ancient Live Oak at the waterfront park.

Dorie, she looks so much like her mom in this photo.

Becki and Dorie just chillin.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer Vacation Part I

I have missed blogging; I have tons of stories and photos piled up around me and just have not had the time to share them. Finally fall is here, kids are back to school and the heat is slowly, very slowly leaving us here in the South.

I had the wonderful experience of spending two long weekends back to back with my granddaughters Althea and Dorie along with Althea's mom Becki and my husband Frank this summer.

Our first trip took us girls to the upper state where we stayed at the cabin, spent time at the lake watching fireworks, visiting Hollywild a animal preseve for retired show animals and getting back to nature.

Along the way we stopped for photos with the Turkeys in Edgefield SC and some beautiful topiaries in Greenwood, SC.... hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did our little trip.

Dorie and Althea with Tom

 Dorie and the Dinosauer

 Feeding the baby goats

 Feeding a Water Buffalo

 Beautiful Fallow Deer

 Mother Zebra and her baby Zedonk

Blowing Bubbles


Waiting for the fireworks to begin....