Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Vacation Part II Saint Simons Island

Warning! Saint Simons is addicting... if you've never been and you have a few days it is well worth a trip. Our granddaughters, Althea and Dorie fell in love with it at first sight and two months later are still talking about the lighthouse and the beach. I look forward to making a trip there every year to explore old favorites and discover new places of interest.

Dorie and Althea in front of the lighthouse.

A view from the second window of the lighthouse.
 I made it this far and stopped but Dorie, Althea, Frank and Becki made it to the top.
When they came down Dorie said her legs felt weird - I bet they did!

The light at Saint Simons.

The girls trying on sailor caps at the Coast Guard Museum.

 Althea under an ancient Live Oak at the waterfront park.

Dorie, she looks so much like her mom in this photo.

Becki and Dorie just chillin.

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