Saturday, October 1, 2011

Up Stairs Down Stairs - I'll Take the Elevator

I'm not much on climbing stairs, or mountains heck not even the bleachers at the football game. It's not the climbing part that bothers me, its the view from the top and the trip down!

As a long sufferer of vertigo you won't find me off the ground much of the time; however I have made several treks skyward this year with the help of my loving and understanding family.

Back in late winter as I was visiting my son Andrew and his wife Julie in Alabama we took a trip by The Vulcan that has stood guard over Birmingham for generations. As a young child we always drove by on our way home for family reunions or vacations and Andrew and Julie thought I'd enjoy seeing its new home and the museum. They were wonderful.

When I found out there was an elevator that took you too the top with a short bridge I thought okay I'll give it a shot... noone told me it was open gridwork and although I did cross over it I wasn't too happy doing so.

Andrew and Julie

The Vulcan tower and the elevator with bridge.

Skyline of Birmingham AL

The bridge we had to cross and the Vulcan with sun behind.

My next trip skyward was not so bad and I am proud to say I made it half way up the 129 steps of the Saint Simon Georgia lighthouse before the heat of Summer and the fear of climbing any higher grounded me on the second landing... I didn't mind waiting for the rest of my family to make the climb as I had a beautiful view and a some what cool breeze through the small window.

When Dorie (who climbed all the way up and down on her own) came out of the door she told me her legs felt "weird", I bet they did....

The Saint Simon Light
Saint Simon Georgia

View from first landing... so I climbed some more.

View from second landing... my resting place.

Dorie and Althea in front of the light.

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