Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fresh Start

It has taken me several years pouring over catalogs, fabric samples and web sites but I finally found new living room furniture... my old stuff but with new covers. I just couldn't find anything I really liked it either didn't sit right, was too cheaply made or too costly for my pocketbook.

I looked at slipcovers, browsed a couple shops and finally found a gem of a place over at Park Avenue Fabrics in Augusta GA. From the moment I walked it I felt at home; the staff didn't know me but they seemed to want to. They were eager to please, didn't look down their nose or treat me as if I had no taste, money or social standing... they treated me like me!

I look forward to updating the process as my living room changes... for now we've added a leather recliner and got rid of the big green monster, had my arm chair recovered (I am so in love with it), added new windows and are waiting for the couch to be slip covered...




Pblacksaw said...

I love the new look.. it looks like a completely new chair...
love ya!

Kayla Kimbrell said...

The chair looks great!! How did you hear about Park Avenue Fabrics?