Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Pressure, hmmm I meant Presents...

I'm going to blame my dark mood on the fact that I'm under the weather and was up before 6 taking a breathing treatment and now can't fall back to sleep...

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and the whole holiday experience, the lights, smells, hustle and bustle and of course the meaning, the joy of birth, the birth of Christ our lord... I like the traditions too.... those time honored and those that are sometimes newly formed. But sometimes I just like to sleep through it all and wake up in January!

My husbands family gathers each year, 4 generations strong under one roof to eat, be merry (for the most part), exchange gifts, laughter and memories. There are many traditions, some old, some new... Santa coming to visit, Strut Miss Lucy, Jimmy's creations in the kitchen and an ornament exchange between the women of the family.

This year many of us attended the local Christmas parade and that was a lot of fun... if you weren't there or listening to WDOG then you missed a most memorable performance by Beth, Becki, Phoebe and Emily as they paid tribute to Trudy and sang Blue Christmas! (After telling half the state of SC who they were.)

As I watched these young women act like the children they once were, I realized how blessed we are to have our future right before our eyes and it doesn't look half bad, that even at the risk of public ridicule these four women banded together and paid homage to their family in a most silly but loving way.

I hope I live long enough to gather at their homes for the holidays and listen to them tell the stories of Christmas pasts... what a wonderful gift that would be... no planning, no cleaning, cooking....

Merry Christmas!

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