Monday, June 28, 2010


Time flies, time heals all wounds, time in a bottle, the times of our lives... tick tock goes the clock. Hard to believe but 6 months have gone by since my younger brother Brad passed away, it just does not seem possible.

Recently while going through the endless Cd's of photos I have I found this one, I did not even remember taking it and was shocked to find it, but very pleased. It is a wonderful picture of one of the best Christmas' we had here at our house in Snelling.

Santa had come to visit Dorie and well I guess Brad decided he needed to tell him what he wanted. I don't know what he said to Santa but it must have been funny cause he and Brad are busting at the seams with laughter.

What a great photo, and a great memory of a wonderful brother. Still missing you, Boo Boo.

Love, Gert

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