Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Fall

Some how this year I missed The Fall. One day there were leaves on the trees and the next, the trees were bare with their naked arms reaching for the sky.

I had always said Fall when speaking of Autumn until I lived in New England and heard someone say The Fall and then I saw it... here in South Carolina we get a few scattered leaves but in New England The Fall of the leaves is a sight to behold. Clouds of gold and red and oranges fall from the trees and cover the ground. It is like walking on a carpet of jewels.

I miss New England, Connecticut and Maine alike where Henry and I shared some wonderful times with and without the children in tow. I have always been a Southern gal but for some reason I felt like I had come home after a long time away when I first stepped into Yankee land. It didn't take me long to find all the little shops and out of the way places that welcomed me as friend and family.

I especially miss it this time of year, when the smells and sights of Autumn are everywhere. Pumpkins and hay in the fields, warm cider heating on the stove of the general store and The Fall, that wonderful glorious sight of leaves drifting downward, spiralling in the wind and blanketing the yards, roads and rooftops.

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