Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas... a song by Trans Siberean Orchestra is playing in the background, music sure has changed over the decades I have lived and although I love some of the new stuff I never grow tired of listening to Bing, Elvis or even The Andrew Sisters singing a Christmas tune.

Christmas is a wonderful time isn't it? All the hustle and bustle, the sights and sounds; and the lovely smells too! Funny how just a couple of notes or the whiff or spices can send your mind reeling... stirring echoes of memories within your mind. I have many wonderful memories of Christmas and love to take them out and dust them off once in a while...

Christmas 1969 we were pretty poor that year, the union at the mill was on strike and we were even eating commodities (this was way before food stamps) to help us get by. The other local unions were pitching in and sending trucks of food to help us out but we knew there would not be much Christmas this year.

Some how momma still managed to make it special with homemade goodies which including plenty of cookies and the candy tree with gum drops and wrapped goodies hanging from its branches.

Our TV had been advertising the Kitchen Magican that year and when 2 new presents appeared under the tree daddy told us that the oblong one was a K.M. for our mom and momma told us the long one was a rod and reel for daddy. One Saturday we went to town and Brad and I bought momma kitchen towels and daddy handerkeifs for Christmas.

Christmas morning Santa brought us a few gifts and momma and daddy got the towels and handkerchief's; as Brad and I watched them pick up the last 2 presents we were surprised when they handed them to us and said open them... in the oblong box was a tape deck for me and the long one held a B.B. gun for Brad. I burst into tears as I realized that momma and daddy had done without in order for us to have something.

I may have forgotten what Santa brought that year, but I have never forgotten that tape player or the love that I received that Christmas. I tell this story all the time as to me it shows the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to be a parent.

We have long since left that little white house by the beach and have traveled to many places but I have never felt more joy and my heart has never been more full that on that Christmas morning so long ago.


Pblacksaw said...

I love this story even though I had heard it before. But can you imagine the excitment they shared as they planned to fool you and Brad. I can picture them whispering together about what they planned to tell the two of you. Merry Christmas!

clare_stjohns said...

How true, mom once told me that one year she actually road my bike down the road from the neighbors house on Christmas Eve with daddy following her in the car. I wished I could have seen that cause it was one of those bikes with high handlebars and a banana seat!!!