Friday, January 29, 2010

Shake your wallet at the moon....

Years ago I had the honor of meeting an elderly woman who would become my adopted grandma for a short time; Grandma Black was Frank's grandmother and when she found out that both of my grandmothers where gone she said she'd be mine... what a wonderful gift she gave that day.

I am sure that those grandchildren she helped raise are full of stories and sayings that she was known for but for me I only have two... shake your wallet at the mooon when its like a bowl it (your wallet) will be full the next full moon.

The other has to do with the coming of Fall's frost... you can time it with the blooming of the Dog Fennel Weed's.... three weeks from blooming, frost will fall. I have done this for 30 years and it is pretty well accurate.

I wonder what my grandchildren will remember about me, or what my children will pass down to them that they learned from me.... hmmmm.

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Sunshine said...

I am sure she was a great woman to get to know. Enjoyed reading your blog today.