Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, snow, snow.....

It has been 8 years since I'd heard the hush of snow, but when I stepped out into the front yard today I was swept away by the silence, the muffling of the world around me.
How breath-taking yet refreshing it was. As I walked around the neighborhood snapping photos a sense of peace came over me and I felt like a new person. I rushed into the house, got everybody ready and we were trying to find a box to slide on, when Dorie said "but Granny what about your sled?"
I looked over at the corner to the old red sled that my girlfriend gave me back in 1986 while we were living in CT. She had found it under the apple tree on property she had bought and thought I'd like it.
Though it was worn and its steering broken, that old sled became new again as Frank tied a rope to it and fashioned a steering rope for Dorie to hold on to... off we went and the fun began. I watched as my husband (who quit school because of recess) became a boy again and laughed as he played reindeer and pulled Dorie behind him and later Dorie and Althea.
As Dorie's parents drove up, we all grabbed snow balls and a war was begun, but all in fun. I snapped photos as Junior and Beth laughed and threw snow balls at Dorie and Frank... we sure needed this... the snow, the fun, the laughter.


Sunshine said...

OH WOW! Isn't snow just so much fun! The pictures are priceless and the grandchildren will love looking back at Grandpa pulling them in the snow. What memories you all are making!

Pblacksaw said...

I love the photo of Frank pulling them in the snow.. I have a sled too but didn't have kids to pull. maybe I should have asked Dave to pull me?!