Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Cabin Trip of the Year

My first trip to the cabin this year was wonderful… I slept and read and read and slept UNTIL the girls arrived that is.

At the crack of dawn every morning I would wake up the Althea peering into my face and Dorie asking what we were eating for breakfast. My peaceful week was gone but was replaced with visits from super heroes, a trip to a festival and sighting of creatures rarely seen.

As we traveled the mountain roads we were lucky enough to see a young beaver eating fresh grass along the road way and upon turning around we watched him slide down the hill to his den. A couple of days later we saw a Chipmunk running back and forth across the road, thank goodness he made it!

We ended up at a small town festival and Althea got her first cotton candy but refused to eat it while Dorie would not touch it and ate it off the stick like a corndog…

we sat and listening to 3 guys singing oldies and classic rock while sweating in the mountain sunshine, Papa and Dorie road the slide and then we called it done….

Papa Frank and Dorie went fishing from the dock and she caught her first bass which she thought was rather stinky but she loved it and having her picture taken.

The girls watched Word Girl on the television and that led to digging through Papa’s shirts to find “capes” which they wore all day; even Althea acted like she new what she was doing… they were so fun!

We ate S’mores, watched movies and shopped till we dropped…

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Sunshine said...

Sounds like a great time! Where is the cabin? Wonderful memories!!