Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Never Ending Love...

When our children are little we often say... I'll love you no matter what. That is the love of a parent. A parent loves a bad child even as they punish them. They also love the child when they grow up into adults and become parents themselves.

This love often comes with a sense of responsibility or worry on part of the parent... what children (even adult ones) often forget or fail to realize is that a parents duty or sense of duty doesn't stop at a certain age or point in time... it is never ending just as their love is.

So when a teenager is late, or an adult is having problems at work or in a relationship or even with their own children... the parent is still concerned. When their child hurts, they hurt.

It took me becoming a parent to understand this, and yes I have often worried about my adult children... whether it is over little things or life changing ones.

Our extended family just went through a troubling situation and my mother in law has been upset by it... her child has been hurt and their life is changing in many ways... so she feels unable to do anything but wanting to protect her own.

Life will go on and time will heal, but what a wonderful thing to have a parents love to come home to; their arms to fall into; or just the knowledge that they are but a mere phone call away.


Big Time said...

It is wonderful to have that mama to talk to when it seems the world is crashing in on top of you. What will we do when she is gone???

clare_stjohns said...

Big Time... I don't know but life will never be the same. I don't know what I would have done that day Brad died if your momma had not been here waiting for me.

I am not ashamed to say I fell to my knees holding on to her sobbing.

She has made a good adopted mom.

Sunshine said...

All of you are truly blessed...