Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old Growth Pines

Trees back in May.

It has been mere months ago that I last blogged about the pine trees in our yard. Standing well over 60 feet we have been blessed by 5 of these beauties in our front yard. They are Loblolly pines and until today I had no idea how old they were or how much I was going to miss them…

Back in May we were struck by lighting and lost our freezer, pump to the well and my husbands laptop, I felt sure it had hit one of the trees but could never tell, that is until about a month ago when its needles began to turn brown. Within a week or two it was dead and the one next to it was now dying.

Today as they are dying.

Seems that they have a huge root system that can span 50 feet or so and if the lighting hits anywhere the root system is well it can kill the tree… how sad.

I took my measuring tape today and carefully wrapped it around the biggest tree; 100 inches! I could not believe my eyes, so I did it again and took a picture. According to my husbands calculations using a program online this tree is between 79 and 100 years old. Imagine that.

100 inches = 100 years?

I will miss them when they are finally cut down tomorrow and I only hope the woodpeckers will make a new home in one of the tree we have left.

Trimming the limbs off.

The scent of pines is everywhere... so are the branches.


Pblacksaw said...

I'm gonna miss those trees we have a dead one too..

Burnt Woods Creator said...

Yes, its so sad to see them come down but very exciting to watch the fallers doing it.
I have added you to the exchange and I need to have you email me your address.
Love the pics of your sweet granddaughters. I have 11 grandchildren myself and 6 of the are girls. I have 3 daughters.