Friday, August 27, 2010

My World - Snelling, SC

four o'clocks by fence... Dorie's playhouse and our home are in background.

I haven’t written a good blog lately nor have I taken any photos other than family snap shots and those of my poor pine trees that were struck by lightening…. I have been busy attempting to get my life in order as I have been under the weather and suffering from depression on top of that.

With tests and minor surgery behind me, a trip to the dentist (to replace the filling I lost sometime between going to sleep before surgery and gaining my senses the following day), more surgery coming, the trees removed and new trees picked out I am just about too tired to be depressed any more!
I am going to miss those trees; it has been but just a few short months ago that I wrote about them and shared photos of them with the world and now 2 of the giants are gone. The shortest one was over 80 feet tall and 100 inches around (at my eye level) and estimated to be 100 years old. Thankfully we have a couple more so maybe the woodpeckers will return next year to nest and keep us awake.

90 foot tall tree stretched across front yard and two lanes of road.

Bottom 15 foot of tree with it's rings showing.

Althea and Dorie are growing like weeds. Dorie lost her first tooth the week before school started and we were all so excited around here. Althea thinks she is grown and grabs her purse and cell phone when ever we go to town now, she’s quite the little lady and she wants you all to know that she picked those shoes out all by herself.

Dorie Jean

Althea Clare attempting to keep the grass from touching her feet!

She and Nemo are best friends and I have given up keeping her out of the kennel and just try not to shudder when she lays down with him but I do draw the line at her getting in the food or water bowl and poor Nemo would just sit by and allow her to hand feed him piece by piece if we didn’t stop her.

Althea and Nemo

It has been over 100 degrees here for months, it has been the hottest summer I can ever remember and everything is suffering including we humans. I barely get into the garden now except to water but do enjoy the Four O’clock that seem to thrive in the heat as do the “Skeeters” and Gnats… how I hate Gnats!

One of my "crossed" four o'clocks... white with pink polka dots.

Hope you all are well and I look forward to getting back in the fray and will be sure to share some photos of the sleepy little town of Snelling, SC with you in the future.



Jama said...

The flowers are so gorgeous and so are the little girls.
We're nearer to the Equator line but our temperature rarely hit the 100. It's around 90 usually, but nowadays we're having lots of rain so the weather is quiet bearable.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jama - flowers and girls are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Me too...little girls and flowers...all stunning!!!

Ann said...

what are those small plants under the trees?

Hope the tooth fairy remember to visit.

Doreen said...

the flowers are so unique. do they have a smell also? the little ones are so precious and the pup too!!

In the eye of the beholder said...

Your girls are darling and the flowers were pretty

Pauline said...

I would be mourning the loss of that tree. A reminder that nothing lasts forever, huh? Including your heat hopefully! You are lucky to have such cute flowers surviving the heat!

NanU said...

That's so sad about your trees. Now there's a bit more light down on the ground, maybe something pretty will grow in their place. Those little girls are adorable!

psychelyn said...

i like the picture of little girl Athlea in pink slippers and purse trying to escape from grass lol such a cutee. very nice pictures.

kate said...

The little one with her purse and cell phone? Adorable! I'm totally with you on the's been SO nasty here this summer that I can't wait for the relief of fall!