Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lines and Stripes

When I think of types of lines I recall my childhood and the beautiful Wisteria vine my mother had growing on her clothesline post. During the Spring it would bloom and scent the entire neighborhood with its lovely smell...

Of  course being married to an avid fishermen, I know that a line is something you can cast, catch a fish on, break, tangle and cut. I have done all of these. This summer our granddaughter Dorie caught a Striped Bass on her line and her Papa put it on a stinger for her to hold up for a picture.... she thought it smelled badly.

Dorie in her striped shorts holding her striped bass.

Growing up in Florida I have been privileged to view or visit many lighthouses and many of them have some sort of stripes in their pattern. Out of the all the lighthouses in the world, no two are painted the same so that sailors can identify them by their pattern.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

I have included a picture of some of my tomatoes I grew this summer, look closely as some of them are "zebra" striped with red and green.

Bowl of Heirloom Tomatoes.

I wanted to let all of you at My Town Shootouts and my followers know that I will not be actively blogging after September 16th for weeks as I am having my ascending colon removed and a colon reconnection done. During a routine exam for polyps they discovered a mass that holds a high percentage rate of being cancerous so the standard procedure is to remove the area (including lymph nodes and blood supply).

While I may not feel up to blogging I will try to keep up with what you all are doing. Take care, Camella


Jama said...

Love that first shot, can see so many vertical and horizontal lines !

In the eye of the beholder said...

My favorite is the light house but there all good.

psychelyn said...

awww that first shot is sweet. light house's cool and wow tomatoes are great with those natural lines.

Doreen said...

I hope everything goes well for you Camella. in 2006 I went through chemo and radiation treatments. so far so good!!

loved your images of lines and stripes also.

Pauline said...

You captured some really great lines. Love the lighthouse and the tomatoes.
Good luck with your op. I wish you a speedy recovery.