Thursday, September 23, 2010

My New Old Flame...

Years ago while I young woman I fell in love with a handsome and often spirited gentleman from England. He kept me company many a cold night and whether I was lonely or not was not the question as he always seemed to be at hand.

Some where in my thirties I threw him off for many who claimed they would calm me, were  in the natural, the know and with it, not! Tonight as I settle in with a hot mug of Earl Grey I am pleased to note that there is still and Earl of Grey, the 6th in fact according to my Twinnings box and so very thankful for that envoy from China so long ago who presented the second Earl Grey with this blend of tea, it has brought me much bliss.

Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart drinks Earl Grey; what a thought a bald french speaking star ship captain and a cup of Earl Grey... yummy. Don't worry Frank knows how I feel about old Jean-Luc, in fact I told him once if he'd look like that bald I'd shave his head for him. Any way back to Earl Grey, seems the secrets not the tea itself as it black tea, but that its infused with this wonderful citrus fruit called Bergamot or Bergamot Orange. Size of an Orange, color of a Lemon and shaped like a Pear. Found growing in Italy and Spain.

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Pblacksaw said...

I enjoyed every word..
I can't say any man on TV or movies ever tripped my trigger but I do love a spot of tea... I am so glad you are home and hopefully feeling a bit better.. I was thinking about things late one sleepless night... and We should all go gigging sometimes.. Dave has never been as far as I know.. we might even be able to sell the uneaten legs to the griners..