Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time Passages

Loosing time, time well spent, time in a bottle, time again and again. Time is a wonderful thing or rather it can be, you can have too little or too much on your hands and many people waste it as I have been guilty of.

I went to sleep on Thursday morning September 16 and awoke to my full senses on Monday, September 20th with but bits and pieces of the prior days and nights even remembered. My surgery went well but my reaction to morphine did not, to boot I developed a yeast infection in my gut from the antibiotics they were giving me.

I still have to stop and realize that more than a week has gone by and I slept through it and even now I taking 2 naps a day to help my body get back to its hold self. My biopsy was benign so that was a relief but getting back into the eating and drinking game is giving me a fit. Not only do I not have a great deal of thirst but nothing taste the same or very good. I will have to give it time.

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