Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Walking in a winter wonderland is not all the song promises... it can be very, very tricky; as I made my way around the yard checking things out and taking a few shots slipping and sliding all the way I wondered why in the world I was outside.

We had promises of snow or snow/sleet but as I got up for the 3rd time last night to check things out I quickly realized that while others were being blanketed with that beautiful, fluffy, white stuff (snow) we were being blitzed by a giant snow cone machine. Seriously, I could have made a dozen or more from the ice that was in my bird bath had it been clean...

As the day wore on the sun came out and of course it started turning into slush and then, yep the temperature dropped, the sun went away and it all froze over... so now we have a sheet of ice for a front yard!

Any way, I hope most of you faired better... or as well as we have... Becki just put the kettle one and we're gonna have a cuppa wonderful hot cocoa or flavored coffee to go with some leftover homemade donuts or cookies.

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