Thursday, April 21, 2011

FMTSO - Earth Day

Earth Day brings back memories of high school where we celebrated big with music and picnic lunches outside. Games and gossip, friends, sunburn and of course the message of saving the Earth.

As a child of the late seventies and being a some-what hippy turned tree hugger I love Earth Day and the thought that we can and should save the world. Dorie talked about Earth Day all week and I loved it and am glad that she is being taught at such an early age about our natural world. She is in the photo to your right planting Pumpkin seeds with her Papa.

I am often found telling fellow humans that we (mankind) were an afterthought and placed here to enjoy what God made before us, plants, animals, sea and land and it is up to us to protect it.

Hope you enjoy these photos that were taken in and around Fair Play, SC were I just spent 3 lovely, quite weeks visting my hubby who was working in the area.


Kerry said...

Oh, we grew up at the same time, yep. Is that dogwood blooming in your beautiful close-up? S.C. is beautiful at this time of year for sure!

I love it that your grandchildren are already aware of the natural world: how beautiful.

Bagman and Butler said...

I love the addition of the moon to your tree shot and the tiny tree growing in the brown colors of the ground.

Ann said...

No 2: New zealand flowering cherry tree. The fruits are not edible, This tree is in my garden. Beautiful flowers.

No 7:
This is a flax, unlike most bottle brushes which are small trees or shrubs. Another name is Knights Lily. Four million years ago, a volcano created some small islands off the coast of New Zealand. Captain Cook discovered the islands in 1760 and named them the Poor Knights Islands. Separated from the mainland for millions of years, the islands developed unique plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. A beautiful example of this is the Poor Knights Lily - Xeronema callistemon.

Xeronema callistemon - Poor Knights Lily

GingerV said...

WOW Ann, nice additional info.
loved the shot of the moon. I really liked this weeks shoot-out all though I didn't end up showing what i shot this week. will do later in the week maybe. we are having fall, and you spring. I am hard pressed to name a favorite time of year.

EG Wow said...

Wonderful shots of how beautiful nature is! Earth Day is much more beautiful where you are than where I am - spring is just beginning here!

Sandra said...

beautiful and the side bar photo of the child helping with planting memories is also perfect for today

Kim, USA said...

I think too we grow up at the same time. In high school we planted many trees. And it also begin my appreciation on trees and plants. Thanks for sharing the photos! Happy weekend!


Kim, USA said...

It's marigold growing in the pot. I will transfer them in the ground when it will warm up a bit here in Michigan.

Pauline said...

Love the shot in your sidebar - perfect for the topic.
And the little tree emerging from the leaves and twigs on the ground. New life. A promise for the future.

Jama said...

I love your second last photo best!

Sarah said...

Me a granola from the 70's LOL! I am the resident Mom who tie dyes every summer..lots of kiddos come and join in! So much fun!
Beautiful shots! I lived in TN and NC during different times of my life..I love dogwoods! Such a wonderful shot!!
Sarah :)

Doreen said...

great photos for this theme. I love the sapling that is sprouting up.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

A perfect Earth Day FSO. After 4 inches of rain here everything is green, green, green. Earth Day and Good Friday celebrations all over our town. Blessings