Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Taken by Daddy way back when... Brad, Momma & Me 1966

I adored my mom growing up, she was a wonderful mother and although we fought quite a bit when I became a teenager I am thankful that we became friends later in life.

Mom, in the "early years" was June Cleaver times 10! Not only did she help with Brownies and Cub Scouts but she was the President of our PTA. She did all this while going back to college at the old age of 40 and graduated at 42. Oh I forgot she was already a grandma by this time too.

Long before Craig was born she was Granny Jean to the neighborhood kids who always seemed to be at our house which was always open. She made cookies, decorated Easter Trees and Christmas Trees with candy and homemade goodies so the kids could grab something when they came by.

Even as we became teenagers she kept traditions going and added new ones... several years she took groups of us girls and the boys (Brad and Steve) camping at Fore Lake during Spring Break. I cannot imagine doing so but she loved it and we all loved her.

As I grew older and married she adopted Frank and I thought at times she loved him more than she did me :) She was a proud and loving Granny to my three children and we still talk about Granny 13 years after her death, sometimes with pain and tears and others laughing at her many antics through the years.

She was an avid reader, loved Days of Our Lives and had the wander lust of travel which she passed down to me! Not only did she travel to Europe several times, she also took numerous cruises and trips across America has Brad, Frank and I were often lonely and sent for her to come visit us as we were away from home working. She also loved flowers and was either ordering from some catalog or trading with friends; my yard is filled with her many prizes and Spring always brings me joy as the plants she loved so much remind me that she is always with us.

As I look at my daughters Beth and Becki, both who are young mothers I can see my mom in them and their girls... time goes on and now I'm the Granny!


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Wonderful tribute to your mom.

Bagman and Butler said... really was a nice tribute and I think, in the photo, she really does have that June Cleaver look.

Jama said...

A very beautiful tribute to your mom!

GingerV said...

I wonder if my mother (in that same period) was a june cleaver type. I don't remember her ever wearing pearls or gloves. just remember her hands red from doing laundry or covered in flour making bread.... thanks for triggering that mememory for me.

Pauline said...

It's lovely to read such a moving tribute to a mother on Mothers Day. Thank you.

EG Wow said...

I enjoyed reading about your lovely mother! How nice you see some of her reflected in your daughters and their children. :)

A Scattering said...

Thank you for sharing your Mom with us.

Doreen said...

she sounds like a wonderful woman. cute pic of the three of you, but all so serious.