Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cow Girl Rodeo


Believe it or not I became one of those grandmothers this past year... I along with my daughter Becki spent an amazing short 8 months or more in planning a Cowgirl Rodeo birthday for her daughter Althea who was turning 4. Yes, we spent as much time but thankfully not money on planning a birthday party as many people do on a wedding.

After watching the movie Rango for the umpteenth time, we really felt she would enjoy this party as much as we would. So we hit the Internet with a vengeance and strolled through sites such as Pinterest, eBay and Etsy along with Oriental Trading and Google.

With many items we borrowed or made ourselves along with the great products we found on line we came up with a Rodeo birthday party theme that could be used for a child age 1 to 100.

This bunting is made of cardboard flags covered with card stock and stick on letters.

We didn't make invites to send as we opted to use our Facebook Event and word of mouth to get the word out and put the money saved into thank you cards that will include a photo of Althea on it.

Fabric scrap bunting that I made in about an hour. I simply pinked the fabric and knotted it on a piece of thin rope and strung it on the porch railing.

The food menu was easy as we live in South Carolina and any time is the right time for pulled pork, so my husband took care of the main event and smoked up Boston Butts with a little Hickory and Apple and we added some Althea's favorites to go with it.

Cardboard letter with card stock cover took less than 5 minutes to make.

Vittles included Buckaroo BBQ, Cowgirl Cucumbers, Golden Corn Nuggets and Home on the Ranch Beans. We also fried up several batches of homemade Tortilla Chips and served them with Salsa. We found this charming shop on Etsy that makes paper party supplies and had custom food tags made for the tables.
Custom table tags, cupcake decorations and paper decorations on cake by
WeBringTheParty on Etsy.

We greeted each child with a pink or brown bandanna that came from eBay and cost less than $1 each, all the men wore straw hats I found there as well and we women wore pink bandanna slap bracelets found at Oriental Trading.
Games included, pony races, calf roping, pinning the star on the new sheriff and playing the Corn Hole game that my husband Frank put together in a couple of hours. Everyone was so excited with riding their handmade wooden stick ponies that they stayed well occupied.

 Saw horse cattle.
The lasso's are made of old ropes I found on eBay. I cut the rope to the length to make a good circle and duck taped them.
Each child took home a handmade stick pony.

We set up a photo area by the barn shed. I simply took down a metal star I had inside and placed it in the hay feeder hanging there, bought several bales of wheat straw and stacked them up. Added a quilt, a tin bucket, old chair and a rope I purchased off of eBay.

My niece Phoebe and her beautiful girls Danielle and Hannah.
There were several ideas that I would like to do at our next shindig when the girls are older including decorated old horseshoes. And even adding pony rides which we declined as Althea is still not sure if she wants to saddle up just yet.

Thanks to everyone who made this party a huge success; my husband Frank Black for making all the ponies, the calves and the corn hole game. Debbie Beasley for making what is surely the finest Chocolate Cake I have eaten anywhere. And to the shops of ThatRocks (Custom Ordered Cowgirl Necklaces) and WeBringTheParty (Party Paper Decorations for cake, cupcakes and food table) on Esty for their wonderful party supplies.

 Cake by Debbie Beasley Barnwell SC
Custom necklaces by ThatRocks shop on Etsy.

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