Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Is The Name of My Latest Flame....

Okay I just couldn't resist, I am SO in love with the color red or maybe just the idea of it... see it is that time again in our lives that we must do what we must and that is Paint The House! This is a hard thing around here, well the choosing of colors is.

My parents painted this old house a color close to Colonial Blue and it stayed that way from the early 1980's until 2001. My mother and I (who passed in 1998) had talked of painting it green and well it took me a few years after her death to jump on out there. I drove around the town searching for other green houses and found to my surprise that aside from the occasional green shutters or door, there were just not any Green houses to be found.

So I went to the builders supply and poured over samples, bought magazines and after several months settled on a light Sage Green with Pine Green shutters and a Rusty Red door and a paler version of the house color for trim. We loved the color so much my brother went and bought the same shades and painted his rental home in a neighboring town the same color!

Did I say I loved green? Oh yes, I went even further and painted my long Off-White walls in the Great room Palmetto Green which I love, love, love. My husband however says no more green... so anyway, the outside paint has faded (we do live in the South) and after 10 years it definitely needs an update and I looked at greens (husband said no, so did daughters), blues (been there, done that) and yellow (which is just not me or our house) but I kept coming back to the idea of red... being a lover of several things red... Ruby Flash glassware, Alabama Crimson Tide and those quaint Maine cottages which are often painted red; well it's decided, Red it is!

Now to decide the shade; Cinnabar, Cherry, Regal Red... the list goes on and on.  While I have poured over websites and photos on search engines I have found some wonder Red Cottages and a lovely blog called The Red House; please visit it you won't be sorry.

Now I'm off to the store so we can start painting the town (well at least our small house) Red!

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Doreen said...

the photos of red houses look great. you will have to show us a before and after you paint.