Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coming & Going Home

Many songs have been written about returning home... Country Roads by John Denver has always been a favorite of mine to sing, especially while driving on long road trips.

We celebrate homecoming at churches, schools and yes at funerals. Today many younger adults are facing going or coming home to roost. Graduating college with little job prospects, loss of jobs, divorce or many other hardships are changing the empty nest into occupied territory. I was blessed enough in my life to return several times to my parents home... after my divorce my parents welcomed me and my young daughter home and we stayed there until I met and married Frank. I also returned home following the death of my father so I could be with my mom to help her and then when she became ill later in life our entire family of five came home and never left.

Frank and I have paid it forward several times by opening our door to our adult children in times of crisis; currently our youngest daughter and her toddler live with us. It is a blessing to have them here and I try not to think about the day when they will leave as I will miss them terribly.

I recently helped a niece move back into her parents neighborhood. She and her daughters will be living in a cute little house just up the block from her parents. I watched as her oldest daughter walked up the street to go retrieve something from Nini's and thought how blessed they all were to be so close.

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