Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Shootout my Favorite Color

When ever I am asked the question “what’s your favorite crayon?” I usually just choose Navy…but to tell the truth I fell in love with Green a long time ago. Today there are 20+ colors of green crayons …including Screamin’ Green, Inchworm and Fern. I have no idea how many paint colors there are, but my husband told me last year I couldn’t paint any more of the house green!

My mom’s eyes were the greenest of green and my dad’s were that gray that often looked green and at times mildly blue. Mine are hazel, neither blue nor green. Two of my siblings had green eyes, none of my children do. Nor do my grandchildren; however Althea did have a green face on her birthday and she loves her green spoon!

When I think of green, I think of a fresh spring day, with green buds on the trees and laundry drying in the sun. Flocks of Sparrows and Finches whirl from the feeder as I walk in the garden looking for the first bulbs popping up through the ground. I also dream of the land my g.g.grandfather left behind..Ireland. This quilt is an Irish Chain made by my husband's mother for my birthday.

I grew up on a beach where the ocean was as green as the sky was blue and we would wade into the warm water every summer like a baby climbing into its mothers lap; we were finally at home among the waves. I have long since moved from the beach and water, but they have never left me and I have decorated my house to reflect and embrace my love for the sea.

Although this photo was take a few years ago, I had to include it... this is where I first fell inlove with the sea...

Lemon/Lime Cake I made for Frank.

I did not realize exactly how much green I had in my home decor until this week’s topic... I have been stuck inside for the most part of the week suffering from a stomach bug that has made me feel “green” around the gills so I decided to shoot photos of a few of my favorite green things… I also pulled a couple of photos that were taken within the last year... one of those is of gourds growing up in a tree at my sisterinlaws house.. Patsy's garden is a magical place, one that is always full of life, secrets and usually something green.

I hope you enjoy!


Manang Kim said...

Wow I enjoy your photos much so with the second one. Very cute!

My favorite color: Yellow

Sara Williams said...

Great photos!

Doreen said...

what a great post!! the shot of Althea is priceless. a real winner in my book. :-)

Chef E said...

Wow, that is like my hubby and I had to come to an agreement, and I am glad blue (him) and orange (me) go well together!

My sister, mom and dad loved green! I was outnumbered on flavor of ice cream as well, and I wanted chocolate!

Ann said...

did the grand child eat the green crayon?

clare_stjohns said...

Ann, no this shot was taken about 6 weeks ago on her first birthday... after she had eaten most of the icing off her first cupcake.