Friday, March 5, 2010

Night's are so lonely without you....

Sorry to say this is going to be another sad one; it is night two without Lint and although she may have been just a cat to some, she was a friend to me. Sometimes we fought or argued like old women but we loved each other and I miss her dearly.

I kept waiting for her last night to come strolling into my room like she owned the place and she was just allowing me to sleep in the bed. One thing we could never get straight was I insisted the bed was not a place to take a bath and would a make her get up and go elsewhere to lick herself.

She would sit there on the floor with her back to me and just shun me in that way that only cats could do and in her own sweet time she'd wander back by and soon I'd feel the wait of her mere 7 pounds as she curled up beside me to sleep for just a bit.

As I walked around the house this am, I saw her everywhere I looked, her favorite window to watch the birds in and tripping me up to beat me to the kitchen where she would beg for food whether she had a full bowl or not; this is how I first knew something was amiss on Sunday when she did not meet me as I got out of bed.

As I sit here typing I fully expect to look around and see her waiting there for me with that look in her green eyes that says... are you never coming to bed? But I know she is not there but in a far better place on the other side of Rainbow Bridge... one day I will tell you the story of Rainbow Bridge and of some of Lints travels and escapades as well.

Good night and God Bless.

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