Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It is now 12:43 pm.
I have changed 3 diapers.
Fixed 1 bottle, 1 sippy cup and fed Althea 1 banana.

I have made 4 phone calls and received 3. Picked up 6 dirty glasses or empty soda cans and dried 1 load of clothes.... I am listening to the 3rd cartoon and 1 crying toddler.

I have a doctor’s appointment at 1:45; finally as this is the 3rd week I’ve attempted to get in!

I just took a 5 minute break for 1 huge hug and 3 kisses from my #2 granddaughter, Althea who will be 15 months old in 8 days… #1 granddaughter, Dorie and her mommy will be here soon to take us to town….

I have been blessed to live almost 52 years, 31 of those with the love of my life. We have 3 children, and 2 grandchildren.

It is now 12:52 and I need to get up and fold the last load of clean clothes and start washing the 3 dirty ones left… I also need to make the bed for the 8000th time.

It’s funny how people can now claim injury for repetitive duties… I Googled repetitive and found 3 different types of injuries… repetitive strain, repetitive stress and repetitive motion injury…and yet we go through our daily lives repeating the same actions over and over.

Now, before I begin to repeat myself… I’ll call it a day for this blog, which is by the way the 33rd blog I’ve ever written and wish you all a safe and happy day… it is now 1:01 and I just sneezed 2 times which set Althea off to crying… once again.

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